Why Cannabis Makes Music Sound Better

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as listening to good music. But how can you make it sound better? With cannabis, of course! By combining music and weed, you are onto something very special. You’ll never hear music the same way again. But what’s behind this phenomenon? Read on to find out.

t’s an age-old image—lighting up your favourite strain, putting on your favourite record, then sitting back to relax while enjoying your favourite tunes and a smoke. But why does the music always seem to be better when you’re high? In this article, we delve into some possible contributing factors. Don’t worry, this won’t be some science-filled buzzkill post, but it might just explain why you “feel” the music that little bit more when you’re high.


To gain a great understanding, we need to look inward—not on a philosophical level, but a chemical one.

Firstly, it is well-known that cannabis affects the area of the brain that processes auditory stimulation. There have been numerous tests where subjects reported a greater ability to recall lyrics, understand differences in sound, rhythm, and other nuances that make musical pieces sound better. Some subjects also claim that cannabis blurs the line between auditory and visual senses, producing a phenomenon known as synaesthesia.


There are many theories as to why cannabis produces such a reactive effect on our enjoyment of music. These range from our perception of time to even just a passive placebo effect. Here are some ideas as to why it feels different listening to music while high.